A user-centered iOS app to give AAA members a mobile presence

I led the user research, design, and collaboration with development while training two AAA designers on LeanUX.

I led the user research, design, and collaboration with development while training two AAA designers on LeanUX.



  • AAA asked for a mobile presence and help transitioning from a waterfall development process to Lean UX and Agile

  • Design director wanted their UX and Visual designers to learn how to do their own user research and design pair

  • Customers need to quickly understand their insurance on the road


  • September 2014 - February 2016

  • I led the design team, user research plan, and shared responsibility on UX and visual design decisions

  • 3 designers, one product manager, 6 developers, and one product owner working together onsite at Pivotal Labs

Project Success

  • I designed a competitive iPhone app for AAA that addressed their business and user needs which led to an organizational restructure to bring business, design, and development closer together

  • I helped the AAA designers adopt a research-driven approach to design

  • Designer/developer pairing and collaboration

Discovery (4 weeks)

Our project kickoff focused on understanding the clients vision, defining the persona, inviting customers to design their dream iPhone app, testing wireframes, and finally preparing a rough Invision prototype.

I reviewed existing AAA research and did a make your dream iphone app activity with people like our persona: Wendy. We targeted AAA's most active customer type who would pass on brand loyalty to their Millennials.

I gave research participants friendly emoji stickers and markers to doodle and talk us through their ideal insurance iPhone app.

Their "dream" iphone apps showed clear blocks of information, a quick way to get for help, and the need to understand when payments are due.



I posted these interview highlights around our workspace to always have the customer's voice in mind.

Wireframe Concepts

Inspired by our research, we designed four very different concepts to share with customers. They circled their favorite parts in green and features that had to go in red. These insights helped us prioritize what to build first.

Design Principles

Based on our insights I helped the team keep three principles, simple, personal, and proactive in mind. These helped us make design and prioritization decisions.

AAA designers showing their manager our user research, insights and action plan

What we designed

I start designing a home screen, payments, a simple understanding of policy coverage, and proof of insurance. 


How we got there

Each feature evolved from wireframes to polished software. I led the testing of three designs with new users like Wendy, our persona, every 3-to-4 weeks.

What we built

Developers started building during week 4 from the wireframes. I left the project once I was confident he AAA designers could move things forward without me.