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I manage user-centered teams that build products people love. We are constantly in touch with customers and build products that evolve with their needs. I’ve particularly been successful at multiplying my impact by building teams (Pivotal Labs) and tools (Stripe, Twilio) and with clients Figma, Volkswagen, AAA, Macy’s, and Samsung.

I was one of the first designers and design managers at Pivotal Labs. I moved to Berlin to open a new office and lead the design practice managing 6 designers. In San Francisco (HQ), I managed designers and worked on developing the design and research process scaling it to 15 other offices worldwide. 

Collaborating across orgs so designers can do their best work is my specialty. I establish the product roadmap by working backwards from business goals and customer needs. I help designers on my team shape their career, develop design systems, and iteratively build elegant user experiences.

I’m from Chicago and earned my Master’s in HCI at Indiana University. I enjoy making clothes,  projecting digital art, and teaching the konmari method.